Home Security Special in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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  • September 25, 2012
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Tulsa residents can now take advantage of a great offer from Security Options. For a limited time only, Security Options will arm homes with a wireless security system that is sure to keep properties and families safe. This latest technology operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is the latest security option for people in the Tulsa area. All installation and activation services are also free. This means that home owners have round-the-clock monitoring for their new security model.

Quick and Easy Process

Home owners should call 405-605-0101 to talk to a representative and schedule an immediate installation. The process is quick and easy. All people need to do is pick a good day and time for this installation, and the technicians will handle the rest. By calling, you will get:

  • * Free Installation Services
  • * Free Activation of the Security System
  • * Free Equipment
  • * Free Service for a Single Month

Save Huge with Security Options Special

After installation, home owners will know that Guardian Security is monitoring all activity in the home. This protects the property and its residents. Since installation, the equipment, activation, and a month of monitoring are free, there’s no risk involved. This is a chance to make the most of the latest security technology.

Affordable Service from Guardian Security

After the first month of service, Tulsa home owners will then only have to pay $29.95 each month. This is a bargain, especially since all of the equipment has already been installed for free. The Guardian Security sign itself will keep away intruders. This great sale will only last for so long. This is why it is important to call Security Options at 405-605-0101 to get the ball moving.

No Cables and Wires to Trip On

Another benefit to Security Options is that there are no cables and wires to deal with. This makes it easier to use the system. No home owner wants to stare at a tangle or wires and cables. Instead of a bulky keypad, Security Options uses a keyfob device. Thus, people can disarm the security system from up to 200 feet away: from the driveway or car! There is also a voice activated device in the home which comes with a touch screen.

Record Messages for Loved Ones

Another great feature is that the control pad allows people to record and place memo messages to one another. This is a great way to remind loved ones to complete chores, when they will be home, and other reminders and messages. Users can also check the log to see which family members were home to arm and disarm the security system. This increases communication between loved ones and helps a home owner monitor who was in the home.

Act Now Before the Special Expires

Security Systems OK is only offering this promotion to Tulsa residents for a limited amount of time. Thus, it is important to act fast before this sale expires. Who doesn’t want a free month of service plus free installation and activation? One phone call to 405-605-0101 and one be one step closer to better protecting their home. This promotion is not too good to be true. Security Options has built a name for itself as a leader in the security industry. Tulsa home owners need to make the most of this rich opportunity!